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You Broke the Ice and Made Them Smile

Now What Do You Say Next?


Upper-beginner and intermediate levels of Street-Smart Spanish
— Your complete guide to speaking fluent Spanish!

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Reaching an Intermediate Level in Spanish Just Became as FUN as Watching Netflix!

Learning the
basics of a language is one thing. That’s what I do for my YouTube videos most of the time. Becoming really good at a language is something else.

Kind of like how I spent years in a (figurative) monastery learning Chinese. But that’s a story for another time!

Anyway, it kind of requires a different approach!

An approach that requires you to spend more time with the language...

But let’s be honest, unless you’re a language geek like me, you don’t enjoy spending hours learning words and grammar rules from old-school textbooks, right?

No worries!

We’ve created a brand new program that will help you reach an intermediate level in Spanish the
fun way. 

The program comes in the form of a funny, gorgeously produced video series that takes place in Mexico. It’s based on a mind-blowing story full of surprises!

It’s almost as captivating as watching your favorite Netflix show! But this program will actually make you “Street-Smart” in Spanish!

Hear me out…

‘’I speak some Spanish but I can’t understand native speakers who speak FAST’’

So maybe you’ve already learned some Spanish.

You’ve tried it out in the real world. You know how cool it is to break the ice with strangers from different backgrounds.

But as you know, talking to Spanish speakers in their language can get tricky fast

‘’Wow, what did he just say? That went a little fast for me!’’

So you just smiled and pretended like you understood!

We’re all guilty of this, right? :-)

No worries, you’re not the only one…

Don’t be Fooled,
Reaching an Intermediate Level is

If you’ve been following my work on the XiaomaNYC YouTube channel, you probably know what my learning method is all about.

In case you don’t…

I always learn the most important words and phrases first. Then I start forming simple sentences that I make gradually more difficult over time.

I really focus on learning the opening moves first, just like in a chess game! And I always practice what I learn with native speakers, because that’s the only way to activate the language in your brain.

That’s how I manage to talk to people from different backgrounds in their own language after just a few days of study.

But there is one BIG problem with this method…

They say that ‘‘what gets you from zero to one is often not what takes you from one to ten.’’ In language learning it’s the same thing.

You see, if you want to hold a meaningful conversation in your target language, you also need to understand what the other person is saying.

And that can be a problem if you only know the most important words!

The solution?

You need more input.

You need to read and listen more often in your target language. The world’s most accomplished language learners would agree with this.

One problem: reading and listening is boring.

Until now…

Input-Based Learning Made FUN!

We’ve created a series of brand new Spanish courses for those who’ve studied some Spanish before and now want to reach an intermediate level.

This time it’s based on an exciting video series full of surprises and unexpected plot twists!

The story follows a young woman who travels to Mexico to visit her grandmother. Upon arrival, things don't go as planned, and she finds herself in serious trouble. Fortunately, a young local barista offers to help. She is delighted – until she finds out there’s something, well, wrong with him...

We recorded the videos in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico, working with a team of local filmmakers and actors. That means that you won’t just take your Spanish to the next level, you’ll also get to explore a new country, its people and its culture!


That’s right, “input-based learning’’ (learning through reading and listening) just became fun!

And that’s important because the more fun you have when learning Spanish, the more time you’ll spend with the language and the more progress you’ll make!

Enjoying the learning progress is crucial when aiming for an intermediate level. We've designed Street Smart Spanish so you always want to know what will happen next!

Look, let me introduce you to... 

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Meet the Characters!

Alright, so up till now, we’ve been talking about the methodology. But let’s do what I like to do, skip the boring stuff, and have a look at the main characters of the video series.

Sound more fun? ;-)



Alice grew up in New York and is almost bilingual, though she doesn't really know it yet. Alice loves fashion, food, and making friends. She thinks of herself as independent yet always seems to need help.

She has traveled to many places before, but she’s going to Mexico solo this time, with no real plan as she likes to live spontaneously and on the wild side.


Adam is Alice’s opinionated and often sarcastic brother. Adam is lazy and hates having to do anything that affects his normal routine.

Adam loves to make fun of his sister, but he really admires her self-confidence (though he would never tell her that!). He has traveled much more than Alice, making him a cocky know-it-all. 


Benjamin is a local Mexican barista who instantly becomes friends with Alice. He is intelligent, resourceful, and loves to help anyone (mostly Alice).

Ben has many talents and is self-determined and unafraid to try anything. Adam is a little jealous of Ben and often covers it up by making fun of him.

And Meet Alfonso…
Your Personal Virtual Guide!

We get it, Spanish can be tricky (whoever said Spanish was the “easy” language???). And there’s only so much you can learn from observing by yourself how the language is spoken.

And even though we break down in written form all the grammar and vocabulary that come with the course, sometimes some extra guidance from an expert can be helpful, right?

That’s where Alfonso comes in!

Alfonso is American but grew up speaking Spanish and has lived in Mexico for many years. He speaks crystal-clear Spanish, but even more importantly he has the perfect personality to guide you through this course. He’s calm, patient, and keeps it fun! 

Together, we created walkthrough videos for each lesson. Alfonso will walk you step-by-step through all the dialogues and give in-depth explanations of all vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar features.

You’ll almost feel like you’re in a virtual classroom with Alfonso as your private teacher, where every single line of dialogue is clearly and simply broken down and explained.

It was very important for me to have a native Spanish speaker teach these lessons, because how else could I guarantee you the learning experience I want you to have?

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to comment on all the lesson content.

And because we really care that our students understand the material, not only do we read every single comment, but my team and I also usually reply!

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What others are saying about my programs...

''Taking this Spanish class in retirement was one of the best things I ever did!  The class was so much fun and it was made easily understandable.  And it gave us the "opening chess moves" to start a conversation when we meet Spanish-speaking people.  I loved every minute of it and learned so much!''

​​Diane - USA

''Loved this Spanish course, it was a fun and easy way to learn another language.''

Laurie - USA

''I loved this Spanish course. It is tailored to each individual to complete as much as they want, when they want.

The modules are informative and perfect for day to day Spanish. This interactive course is definitely better than a book or a tutor.''

Kris - Canada

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Here's Everything You'll Get:


Each level comes with ten videos that tell part of the story. The entire video series was shot with professional actors and filmmakers in Mexico. The first few videos are pretty easy to follow, but the words and grammar will gradually get more difficult as you progress through the level. 

Each video includes English and Spanish subtitles to make sure you understand every single word and don’t get lost.


Master all aspects of the course with Alfonso as your virtual guide, walking you through every lesson’s vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar features. 


You’ll no longer need to guess how Spanish words are pronounced in the real world. The course includes native audio recordings to get your pronunciation just right.


Are you spending too much time in front of a screen? Print the worksheets and review the dialogues, key vocabulary, and grammar. You can also use the lesson notes to review a particular lesson without watching the entire walkthrough videos.


We’ve included practical cultural notes on Latin America and its amazing culture. Avoid surprises on your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country and fully enjoy speaking the language!


Not a good time for you to take this course? No worries, enroll today, and you’ll get access to all materials for the rest of your life! Start whenever you want! 

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LEVELS 1 + 2 + 3


Save $194 (44%)

Upper-beginner (A2) 
Low intermediate (B1)
Upper-intermediate (B2)

  • 30 x real-life conversations as part of an exciting video series
  • 30 x grammar breakdown videos with your tutor Alfonso
  • 30 x fast and slow native audio recordings
  • 30 x lesson notes for self-study
  • Lifetime access
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
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LEVELS 1 + 2


 Save $67 (23%)

Upper-beginner (A2) 
Low intermediate (B1)

  • 20 x real-life conversations as part of an exciting video series
  • 20 x grammar breakdown videos with your tutor Alfonso
  • 20 x fast and slow native audio recordings
  • 20 x lesson notes for self-study
  • Lifetime access
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
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Save $20 (14%)

Upper-beginner (A2) 

  • 10 x real-life conversations as part of an exciting video series
  • 10 x grammar breakdown videos with your tutor Alfonso
  • 10 x fast and slow native audio recordings
  • 10 x lesson notes for self study
  • Lifetime access
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
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''This is a wonderful course and Alejandra was a wonderful teacher. Her longform lessons are very helpful and get you to think both critically and uncritically about the language, which makes learning easy and helps you to make it your own.''

Matthew - USA

''I would highly recommend the Beginner Spanish Course to anyone. I found the course to be very well thought out and very well prepared from day 1. I was very impressed with the information provided and I am looking forward to taking more courses in the future.''

Mike - USA


My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  

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Here’s the deal: 

If you put in the work and still feel that this program doesn’t bring you the results you hoped for, just send us an email within 30 days and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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