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Want to learn French? Pay close attention...

Have a Conversation in French on the Street within 10 Weeks!

Learn how my ''opening moves'' will help you to pick up French FAST!

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Hey, it’s Xiaoma here!

So you want to learn French?

Or maybe you’ve tried to learn French in the past but you’ve forgotten most of it, and want to give it another try.

You’re in the right place!

On this page, I’m going to show you how to learn a language like French fast.

If you pay attention, you’ll also learn how YOU can hold fun and spontaneous conversations with French speakers, in only ten weeks from now.

You will impress friends and strangers and put a huge smile on their faces. Just like you see me do in my videos.  

Sounds fun?

Then keep reading…

Why is French so Hard to Learn?

Maybe you tried to learn French in the past. You learned the basic words, maybe some grammar, and it felt like you were making progress.

They say that French is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, but if it’s so easy, then why is it that most learners never become fluent?

The issue is that most language learners focus on stuff that doesn't really matter at the beginning. They’ll go way too deep into pronunciation or really focus on lists of numbers, colors, the alphabet, and that kind of stuff.

It’s true! I never start learning languages from the alphabet. You don’t need to either – I give you permission!

But this is the way most language courses work. And obviously, it's important to know all those things at some point.

It’s like building a fancy house without a foundation. Eventually, it’s going to collapse and you need to start all over again.

When that happens, students get demotivated and give up!

That’s why I learn languages like I play chess.

Yes, no joke!

You can use this approach too, and the best thing is it works 100% from home

In fact, I believe that it’s possible to learn to have a basic conversation in any language within just 24 hours.

Yes, 24 hours!

You probably think I’m kidding...

But I can guarantee it’s possible because I do this all the time on my YouTube channel

And trust me, I was definitely not the smartest kid in the class.

So what’s the secret?

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Hi, I'm Arieh!​​​​​​​

My real name is Arieh, but most people know me as Xiaoma. I run the popular YouTube channel Xiaomanyc

Tens of millions of people watch my videos every month and see how I make connections with people from all kinds of backgrounds, by speaking to them in their language.

I’ve studied over 15 foreign languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French, Wolof, Maya, Italian, Indonesian, Navajo, Hindi, Punjabi, and Tibetan.

People always ask me how I do it. I get emails literally every day!

With my chess game approach, I managed to hold conversations in all these languages after just a few weeks of studying.

Over 5000 students from thousands of students from all over the world have joined and picked up a new language with my Street-Smart language courses.

I understand that learning a language can be really boring and difficult because that’s how I experienced it at school.

That’s why I thought it was time to make language courses more practical for the real world!

The Magic of my “Chess Game'' Approach

Chess players usually start the game with standard openings, like moving the pawn from E2 to E4. Then you know that you need to follow up with the Sicilian Defense. Then there are all kinds of standard responses, and that's because those are generally recognized as the best and most common moves.

And the more you play the game, the better you have those opening moves memorized. As the game gets more complex, your skills get tested more and more by all these variants.

Do you see the similarities between playing chess and learning languages?

That’s why I always focus on the ‘’opening moves’’ at the beginning. 

Once you can ‘’open’’ a conversation and start speaking, you have a foundation that you can start building on.

Start with practical phrases like ‘’do you speak French?’’ or ‘’I’m learning French’’. The fancy stuff will follow later.

With this approach, you can speak a new language from the very beginning. This will give you the momentum you need to become fluent. 

Join my #1 French Course
for Beginners!

I’ve created a beginner conversation course just for you.

It’s called Street-Smart French Foundations!

For this course, I partnered up with an amazing French teacher. 

Elisa from the “French Mornings with Elisa’’ YouTube channel will be your host in this course. She's really nice and a great teacher!

Here she is...

Elise created so-called walkthrough videos in which she breaks down all the vocabulary and grammar from the course. These videos will make the course easy to follow and much more fun!

You’ll learn everything you need to have fun and have 100% real conversations in French, impress French speakers in your neighborhood and your French-speaking friends and relatives!

Your new French skills will help you strengthen your relationships with French speakers you meet and give an entirely new dimension to your life. 

Trust me, you really do get a new soul with every new language you learn to speak...

The best thing?

You won’t have to travel to France. You also won’t have to enroll in a language school and spend thousands of dollars.

''Taking this class in retirement was one of the best things I ever did!  The class was so much fun and it was made easily understandable.  And it gave us the "opening chess moves" to start a conversation.  I loved every minute of it and learned so much!''

​​Diane - USA

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What is so Special about this Course?

Here’s why students are calling my Street-Smart courses the best all-around package for beginners:


✔  Focus on Real-Life Situations

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What others are saying about my Courses...

''I loved this course. It is tailored to each individual to complete as much as they want, when they want.

The modules are informative and perfect for day to day language. This interactive course is definitely better than a book or a tutor.''

Kris - Canada

''Loved this course, it was a fun and easy way to learn another language.''

Laurie - USA

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How much would it be worth for you to hold conversations in French?

That’s quite a hard question isn’t it?

It’s hard to put a price on the ability to speak French and transform the way you interact with French speakers.

People from all over the world are spending thousands of dollars (or pounds, or euros!) to fly to France to enroll in a language school.

But even those who don’t want to travel or can’t travel often end up spending over a thousand dollars to take French lessons at a local language school.

There are also online courses that often charge a premium. The real question is, do they really work? Are the courses designed in a way that keeps you motivated and makes learning French fun?

My course does! 😉

And because of the huge reach I have on my social media channels, I’m able to offer you a quality course without having to charge you thousands of dollars.

I am only asking for a small investment in yourself.

If you’re ready to put in the time, the results will pay off very quickly. That’s something I can guarantee!

Want to know how?

Just keep reading...

Here's Everything You'll Get:


The course comes with 10 modules with real-life Conversations in video and downloadable audio formats to get you started speaking French fast.


Each video includes subtitles in both English and French to make sure that you understand every single word. Elisa will walk you step by step through all the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar features of each lesson.

Master all aspects of the course with me as your virtual guide!


Native audio recordings to get your pronunciation just right. You’ll no longer need to guess how French is pronounced in the real world.


Spending too much time in front of a screen? Print the worksheets and review the dialogues, key vocabulary, and grammar.


Just like on my YouTube channel, you can comment or ask questions on every single lesson, but unlike on my YouTube channel, my team can read every single comment and we usually reply!


Pay only once and get access to all materials for the rest of your life!

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One time payment, lifetime access!

Join Street-Smart French and get Instant Access!


My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  

Still not convinced whether you should sign up and join our community? 

Here’s the deal: 

If you put in the work and still feel that “Street-Smart French’’ doesn’t bring you the results you hoped for, just send me an email within 30 days and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And you will still have access to the course and the bonus!

That means that you could actually steal everything from me, so I’m the one who’s really taking the risk here.

That’s how confident I am about the impact this course will make.

With all the testimonials we’ve received happy students, why wouldn't the course work for you?

What else are you waiting for?

Enroll today without taking any risk!

Frequently Asked Questions

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